Drug Rehabilitation

Our Rehabilitation Program

Prottoy is committed to drug abuse prevention, control, treatment and rehabilitation of those addicted to alcohol, heroin, cocaine, crack, methamphetamines, marijuana, cough syrups, sedatives, tranquilizers, pain killers or any other drug.

Since our inception, our success rate in curing our patients and helping them stay cured - is around 65%. This number will appear high when you compare it with the world wide recovery rate of addicts, which is 10%.

Although there are several reasons for our higher success rate, an important one is the Prottoy Program. The Protty Program is an internationally designed and locally adapted six-month (6) course that all patients admitted to our rehabilitation facility are encouraged to undergo. The program consists of five (5) sessions evenly spread throughout the day that gradually restores the mental, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual qualities in a drug addicted person that have eroded because of drug abuse, and that are essential to restore for long-term abstinence from drugs.

The Prottoy Program begins with waking up in the morning at a certain time and then spread out throughout the day: breakfast, a light workout in the gym supervised by a professional instructor; a set of mental exercises; afternoon therapy; a meditative session we call the “silent hour”; and subgroup at night. Since drug addiction tends to impact discipline, a sense of responsibility, and productivity severely among addicted persons, the Prottoy Program aims to instill in our patients a sense of schedule, bearing responsibility, while reacquainting them with how it feels to be productive again.

Other than enabling the above realizations in our patients, the Prottoy Program also addresses and restores other aspects of an addicted person’s life that drugs tend to erode – such as his or her social behavior, willingness to form friendships in a drug-free setting, attitudes towards family and loved ones, his or her belief system and values, and so forth.

The entire Program is four (4) to six (6) months in duration because a treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism must last long enough to produce stable psychological and behavioral changes. As a patient undergoes this process, the Program also adapts according to the positive changes brought about in him or her.

The first month sees the patient undergoing detoxification and physically recovering. He or she is also introduced to the Program, begins to understand the fundaments of the process, and starts getting to know other patients or “Programmers”.

By the second month, the patient begins to form relationships with others in-house and adapt to the schedule of the Program. He or she has begins to be taken out for coffee and sports outings (e.g. cricket, football, etc.) with other programmers.

By the third month, the patient begins to display better communication with parents and other family members, and realizes the behavioral changes he or she is displaying and begins to work towards making these changes permanent. Patients are also taken to a trip to Cox’s Bazaar in the third month, for 4 days and 3 nights.

By the fourth month, the patient begins to effectively “empty the cup,” i.e., honestly unload the negative thoughts and feelings he or she has piled up over time, which is a common occurrence with drug abuse. The person’s value system begins to be reinstated.

The patient is also taken on a trip to Bangkok Thailand with fellow patients in order to instill in him how life can be recreational without the influence of substances. Addicted persons tend to view recreation without drugs or alcohol as impossible. By the fifth month, this changes in our patients. In the fifth month, our patient’s re-integration with society and family also gets underway. He or she gets home-visits, which become longer in duration. In the fifth and sixth months, his or her career or academic planning starts.

Also part of the Prottoy Program are also counseling from our psychologists, consultations with renowned medical doctors, and group therapy with the Specialist and gradual integration to the Prottoy Support Structure of previous (and recovered) patients, overseen by our head of operations, Mr. Saudha Saha.

The Prottoy Support Structure is a term we use to describe our previous patients (“Programmers”) who have successfully completed the Program, stayed sober and are committed a life of sobriety, productivity and happiness.

Our support structure is very large and includes people from various age groups, universities, professions, businesses, and is a close-knit family who provide an essential source of social and emotional support to previously addicted persons.

Experience of rehabilitation from all over the world suggests that once a person leaves a rehabilitation facility, it becomes very easy for him or her to fall back into previous friend circles that contributed to the substance abuse in the first place. The Prottoy Support Structure prevents that from happening.